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Save time and spend more time on the hill by purchasing your tickets online now!
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Save time and spend more time on the hill by purchasing your tickets online now!


Save time and spend more time on the hill by purchasing your tickets online now! TEST

Nancy Greene

Mont Cascades Nancy Greene Racing Program 24-25

We are excited to be starting another season at Mont Cascades. Below is some information for the season.

Starting at $849

Taxes not included

A $50 administration fee will apply to all refunds.

No administration fee will apply for credit notes.

Holiday Camp

This year the Holiday Camp runs for a total of 5 days, from December 27- 31 inclusive.

*Please note that parents are responsible for picking up their children for the lunch break for every ski day including Holiday Camp. The coaches do not provide supervision during the lunch break.

Regular Program

The Nancy Greene Program runs for 10 weeks + 5 days (holiday camp)
We offer a one day a week program (Saturdays or Sundays), and a two day program (Saturdays and Sundays). Where possible we recommend the two day program. Even if it isn’t possible to be at the hill for each and every day, it is beneficial for skill development to ski more than one day per week.
Start Date: Saturday January 4 or Sunday January 5.
End Date: Saturday March 8 or Sunday March 9.

On Snow Sessions

The following daily schedule is valid for all ski days, including Christmas Camp, and regular season.
Sessions run from 9:30am. to 11:30am.
Lunch is from 11:30am.-12:30 pm.
*Parents are reminded that during the lunch hour they are responsible for their children and must meet coaches at 11:30am for pick up.
Afternoon session is from 12:30pm-3:00pm.


For a one-day-a-week program (Saturday or Sunday), the cost is $849.
A two-day program (Saturday and Sunday) is also available. The cost is $1349.

Season lift pass cost: Per person is $379 for ages 7~17.


Registration is now open for participants who meet one of the following criteria:

  • a participant who was in the Nancy Greene Program last winter

For participants looking to register for the Nancy Greene Program for the first time, that don’t meet the criteria listed above, registration will be available starting on April 1st.


*Please register for the program as early as possible, this helps to ensure quality coaching and assists with our planning. Registration can be done by phone (819-827-0301) or in person through the Snow School.

Philosophy and Approach

At Mont Cascades, we provide a Nancy Greene program that is athlete centred, and inclusive to the parents. The curriculum is skills based and designed to provide an introduction to alpine ski racing. The program is associated with the Racing Program (for athletes age 9 and up), and for athletes that eventually choose to go in that direction, we strive to provide the proper preparation at the appropriate age, to ensure a smooth transition. For athletes that prefer to carry on in Nancy Greene until the upper age limit of 13 years, we continue to provide progressive coaching such that the athletes are continually challenged and engaged.

We normally plan to run four races over the course of the season (if weather and safety permits). The races are carried out in a team fashion, in order to minimize the individual pressure on the young skiers. Neither the athletes nor the parents are allowed to access the individual times, and results are presented only in team format. At the end of the season the teams are presented with medals according to team ranking, and all teams receive medals.
In order to guide technical and tactical development, we use an 8 level skill award system. This system has been found to be very useful in providing reasonable and achievable goals for the athletes throughout a season, and indeed over the course of their time in Nancy Greene. Groupings are made with consideration given to each of: skill level, age, gender and language. Athletes are generally in their group for the whole season, however it is a balancing act that is under constant evaluation to ensure each athlete receives proper attention and learning opportunities.

Equipment Guidelines

Helmets are mandatory for the program. The helmet MUST be specifically designed for Alpine Ski racing. It must have a hard outer shell that covers the front, back and sides of the head. This means that soft ear helmets are not allowed. Athletes without proper helmets will not be allowed to participate. If you are unsure about helmet suitability please contact us at .

Junior race skis are sized so that they reach between the nose and the top of head, with consideration to the athlete’s relative weight and height.

Boots should be a junior boot with 3-4 buckles, power strap if possible. No rear entry boots. To get a proper fit, remove the inner liner and put the racer’s foot in the shell with the big toe just touching the front of the boot you should have room for one or two fingers behind the skiers heel. With the liner installed, the racer should still be able to flex their ankles, even outside in colder temperatures.

Dress in layers – Layering allows you to accommodate your body’s constantly changing temperature. For example, dress your kids in polypropylene underwear (top and bottoms) which feels good next to the skin, dries quickly, absorbs sweat and keeps you warm. Your kids should also wear a turtle-neck, possibly a sweater or fleece, and of course a jacket.

No cotton socks! Proper ski socks are worth the money, and you only have to buy one pair to last a year! Socks of silk, nylon, spandex and wool blends are appropriate. Do not double up on socks. This tends to cut off oxygen and circulation to little feet, making the cold worse!

Emergency Contact

It is very important that we have accurate and updated emergency contact information on file for all athletes. Please provide as much information as possible at time of registration. Accidents are not common occurrences, but when they occur is it imperative that we are able to contact the correct individuals responsible for the athletes immediately. Please keep this in mind throughout the season also – have your charged cell phone with you at all times, and if your number(s) change please inform us immediately. Note also that the parents are responsible for the athletes over the lunch hour. Please ensure that you are there to meet them after the morning session, and that you have arranged for continuous responsible supervision for your children for the lunch hour.

Other Notes

Please try and get to the ski hill before the first day of the Christmas camp, December 26, to have your pass pictures taken. It is a very busy time for the ski hill and the administration cannot accommodate all of the pass pictures if everyone arrives at the same day/time.

Also, try and ensure all equipment is ready to go the first day on snow. Check fit and suitability of equipment. Take into consideration the changes over the summer in kids height and weight. Allow for any binding adjustments etc.. that need to be done prior to the first day on snow.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that there is one trainer per chair. It is common for children to take the ski lifts only with other children.

Please meet at the main lodge for the first day of Christmas Camp.

Looking forward to skiing with you this year!

For more information: or (819) 827-0301